Wallets Made in the USA

By Spencer Norman September 16, 2014

Looking for high quality products made on the soil of the Good Ole U.S. of A? Look no further, WalletNation features some of the top quality wallets that are made in the Land of the Free. These brands aren’t just unique because of where they were manufactured, but also because of how they were manufactured. Take pride by shopping for products Made in the USA.


Here is the story behind some of our favorite Made in America brands.


The People's Movement

MOVMT Zig Zag Bifold Wallet - The People’s Movement is all about creating shoes and accessories that are eco-friendly and help in the fight against Single Use Plastics. They donate a portion of all their sales to 5 Gyres, a non-profit that is dedicated to the reduction of plastics. Their wallets are made of upcycled plastic bags and eco-conscious materials to create truly unique wallets that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

MOVMT is about much more than just creating accessories though, they are a full blown lifestyle brand. Everything they do echoes the sense of fun that one can only experience surfing the big waves. They host a series of live music sessions called “The People’s Sessions”, which focuses on great music with a purpose. They even partner with other like minded brands like H20 Trash Patrol and Shaper Studios.


From the Shores of Maine - Designed and manufactured with the tradition and solid craftsmanship that people have come to expect from the state of Maine, FlowFold wallets use a material unlike any other company in the industry. In a world full of leather wallets, no one would expect the most durable wallet to be made of recycled racing sail cloths. The wallet is stronger than steel, yet at the same time if you drop it in the water it’s going to float.

They got their name FlowFold because they take what would be considered waste “flow” and then “fold” it back into the products they create. These exceptional wallets don’t leave an impact on the environment and are locally made in the United States.

Rogue Industries

The Makers of the Original Front Pocket Wallet - Rogue Industries, born and raised in Maine, is famous for their Original Front Pocket Wallet. While they have begun to import some products they still produce a line of American made wallets called the Made in Maine Collection. When you buy from Rogue Industries you aren’t buying from some large corporation, but instead a small, family owned business that works with some of North America’s oldest tanneries to produce top-grain custom tanned leathers.

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